Understand your candidates’ performance in context

Millions of data points 14 measures 3 indicators 1 PiC score


  • Dartmouth Partners
  • Aviva
  • OC&C Strategy Consultants


  • Identify talent

    Uncover candidates that have outperformed their peers who, without PiC, you may reject

  • Measure social diversity

    Truly measure social mobility for the first time with PiC’s technology

  • Improve retention

    Research shows that the diverse talent PiC helps you uncover is more loyal

  • Increase performance

    McKinsey have shown that diverse teams lead to stronger business performance

Working together

  1. 1

    Together, we understand your recruitment and social diversity objectives

  2. 2

    We tailor and implement PiC into your recruitment process

  3. 3

    You see your candidates' performance in context


Our vision is a world where social background is no barrier to top jobs